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    What do year 6 learn?

    Take a look at some our recent work!

    Steam power was the most pivotal invention in the

    modernisation of Britain - True or False?

    Steam power was a vital invention that was created in the late 1700s to the 1800s, during a period of time called the Industrial Revolution.  The Industrial Revolution was an era of great inventions, such as: the railway network, machines in factories and the petrol motor car, things people in modern Britain still make use of today.  This affected all: the rich and the poor.   

    The creation of steam power was useful in all aspects of Victorian life. From the invention of steam machines that ploughed fields to huge machines that created fabric,  there was nothing that steam power was not useful for. Machines were faster and more powerful and could work independently of natural power sources.

    Many Victorians believed that steam power made a positive impact on their lives.  Numerous factory owners made more factories to open up more jobs. These opportunities meant that people living in rural areas, who worked hard on farms throughout the year, could move to the city to earn more money with easier work.  Furthermore, everybody could work in the factories: women, men and children . They were earning more money for working fewer hours and this resulted in more leisure and vacation time. Steam power meant that people could work more hours, all year round and constantly produce goods, which they had never been able to do before.Steam power was also used in locomotives. By the early 1800s a railway system was established across the country.  This was ‘reducing transport times and lowering transport costs.’ The transport times reduced drastically; a journey between Liverpool and Manchester went from four days to four hours.  Additionally, travelling was twenty times faster via steam train and it travelled at 60mph.

    On the other hand, some people say that steam power was made a number of negative implications on their lives.   A prominent problem faced by many factory workers was the constant smoke plumes produced by the burning of coal. This affected their lungs and breathing and with poor medical care during this era,  this caused many illnesses and many deaths. In photos, the thick smog smothered London and the streets looked extremely crowded. As a matter of fact, the population of London doubled since steam power had been invented( from 1,117,000 people to 2,685,000).  

    Factory workers were destroying houses to build more factories, despite the increase in population in their eagerness to make more profit. With many crowding towards urban areas ( large cities such as Liverpool and Manchester) there weren’t enough houses for people, bearing in mind that at that time people were having 11-13 children at the most.  These large families would sharing only 2 or 3 rooms; 1 bedroom for the parents and maybe 2 for the children. Streets shared one outdoor toilet with no running water. Subsequently, there was an outbreak of deadly diseases: typhoid, dysentery and cholera, to name but a few.  

    I fervently believe that the invention of steam power was a pivotal change in the lives of British Victorians, which we can still feel the impact of today.  Victorians embraced new ideas and were very enthusiastic about building new factories, constructing railways and locomotives and moving to busy cities to make money.  This helped to modernise Britain because we were producing things quickly and cheaply. As a result, Britain was able to become the richest and most powerful country in the world. Although there were negative impacts, the invention of steam power was definitely a pivotal change in Britain’s history.

    Janet O 

    Our Topic - REVOLUTION

    This half term is all about how the Victorians changed Britain.

    We will be looking at the following aspects of this era:

    - the differences between rich and poor

    - Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist

    - homes

    - work/jobs

    - the invention of steam power and the impact it had on how Victorians lived their lives

    - Famous Victorian inventors

    Take a look at some of our recent work!


    Steam power was the most pivotal inventionin the modernisation Britain - true or false?

    Steam power was invented in the late 1700s to the late 1800s.  It was used in many machines lots of new inventions were powered by steam power and changed loads of people’s lives. 

     The new steam powered trains made transport costs lower. Furthermore, it meant that people could go places more quickly. A journey between liverpool and manchester only took four hours.

    On the other hand,some people believe that steam trains were bad because it made the sky black. Also,many people moved to the city which made it  overcrowded and dirty.

    However,the steam power helped the farmers plough the fields quickly which meant they could produce more food. They were also able to work in all weathers.  An additional problem was that the machines were replacing the people,and they lost their jobs.  

    There is no doubt that the invention of steam power was the most pivotal invention in the modernisation because we still use steam power today.

    Mason H 



    Another great example of the work we have done in the last week!

    Steam power was the most pivotal invention in the modernisation of Britain-true or false?

    Steam power was invented in the late 1700s to the late 1800s.Which was invented in the Victorian era.It was when coal was burning and making steam.It made most machines turn and twist.it was making machines work to produce lots of food and products quicker and easier.

    Some people believed that steam power was a positive thing because they could see their families and different people they would like to see.On one hand because people say it’s a really good thing because many people went to work and hardly did anything because the machines were doing it all for them.In Victorian era the transport costs started to get cheaper so they could get around the world.With steam power Manchester to liverpool took four days but when the steam got invented it was four hours to get there instead.Farmers get to produce lots of bread and food for their families. The machines worked much quicker and more powerful and it doubled the products.

    On the other hand people thought  steam power was a bad thing because  it was making people ill and cough and making people lungs unclear.Farmers were moving to london which doubled the population and made it quicker to spread illnesses like typhoid and cholera steam power was really bad because it was splitting people’s families.Machines that were controlled by steam power was taking everybody’s jobs. Steam power was over populating the city.

    I think steam power was the pivite of the Industrial Revolution because it was used in most inventions and it was a huge part of machines. 

    Keeley Y

  • How can I access Bugclub?
  • How can I access Times Tables Rockstars?
  • What homework should I be doing every week?

    Read 5 times a week - one of these at least should be on bugclub  (Reading records due in on Fridays).  If you read five times a week you will be entered into the reading raffle to win a prize!

    ***remember*** There is a bugclub competition between classes each half term.  The class which reads the most books each half erm will be rewarded with a big class prize!

    TTR - this will change each week but you will need to go online to complete it.  There will also be a battle to compete in each week! (checked on Wednesdays)

    Spellings - learn your spellings each week.  Complete the homework sheet and practise them in lots of ways to make sure you know them for your tests on Wednesday. (sheets to be in school to be checked on Wednesdays)



    You will be given a grammar and a maths revision book to take home.

    You will be told which pages to complete.

    This homework will be due in on Fridays.

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