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Pupil Premium Information

Pupil Premium Strategy

The pupil premium for 2019-20 has been allocated to schools. This money is allocated to schools in order to support the progress of children in vulnerable groups. The money is paid directly to schools and is based on the number of children who receive or have received Free School Meals, children in care and children of parents in the armed services. It is up to schools to decide how this money is spent. The pupil premium is used to focus on the needs of vulnerable children in our school. There is a total of 562 children on roll with £200,995 pupil premium allocated to the school.

We have prioritised it to focus on children who are:

  • Free school meals
  • Looked after children
  • Vulnerable children who are in danger of underachieving
  • We prioritise the use of pupil premium to ensure that it has the biggest impact on the life chances and education of our children

We use the money to:

  • Improved reading and phonics skills in FS & KS1
  • Improved vocabulary skills
  • Improved reading, writing and maths skills
  • Improved rates of progress
  • Increased engagement in learning of those children eligible for PP with social and emotional issues which results in increased rates of progress.
  • Increased attendance rates for pupils eligible for PP.
  • Develop parental engagement and support with the education process.

Please refer to the Pupil Premium Strategy Document for further information.

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